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Stephen Patterson

Nhuan Dao Calligraphy Club is a creative haven! Inspiring videos, top-notch tools, and personal engagement make it a joy to be a part of.

Mother of two kids

Nhuan Dao Calligraphy Club’s a treasure for calligraphy lovers! Engaging videos, personal interaction, and fantastic giveaways. Truly inspiring!

Why I Created the Nhuan Dao Calligraphy Club

My calligraphy started with a wish to beautify the world with my writing. 

As I got better, I saw it’s not just for me. It can make everyone happy, no matter who they are

Well, there are actually a few reasons why I decided to set up The Nhuan Dao Calligraphy Club:

#1. Quality Me-Time: I know how important it is to have some quality time for yourself. This club is all about giving you that special time to relax, enjoy, and make something beautiful.

#2. Sharing My Passion: I love calligraphy, and I want to share that with friends who love it too. It’s not about teaching; it’s about enjoying and getting better together.

#3. Building a Community: I thought, why not bring people together who like the same stuff? We can show each other our work, talk about cool calligraphy things, and just be part of a really fun group

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